Inspired by the creation of his own home studio, he embarked on a journey to record his debut solo album ‘Colors & Shapes’. Released in August 2023 under Zkohp Records, the music is a blend of indie and indie rock, drawing influences from various genres.

zkohp Colors and Shapes album

zkohp’s sonic palette ranges from experimental compositions with unorthodox song structures to more compelling and straightforward songs. It serves as an introduction, offering a first glimpse into the musical world of zkohp. The lyrics, often avant-garde, skillfully weave abstract poetry when they touch on specific themes.

The album, along with the first two singles, ‘The Tale of the Lonely Dancer’ and ‘River,’ received acclaim in the music media and enjoyed airtime on various radio stations, both nationally and internationally. Collaborating with photographer/filmmaker Sjef Prins, zkohp created captivating music videos. A third single, ‘Curtains,’ is set for release in December 2023, marking the beginning of a promising musical journey.

As zkohp’s music studio continues to evolve, there’s more in the pipeline — both from the studio and live performances. Stay tuned for the ongoing development of zkohp’s musical exploration.


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Pat Fogarty, Heist or Hit, Manchester, UK

Really nice mix of material. ‘River’ especially has a New Order quality & all the recordings come wrapped in a new wave quirkiness. It’s cool stuff.

Stefan Breuer, Tiny Room, The Netherlands

In the first song, I hear echoes of Wire, while the third one resonates with the old Dutch guitar scene (John Wayne Shot Me, Benjamin B., Blimey, etc.). I really like Colors and Shapes. In Empty Eyes, I can pick up elements reminiscent of The Baptist Generals. All in all, it’s an enjoyable record that I’ve listened to all the way through. That’s not always the case.
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