current projects

studio production and composing

At Zkohp Music, our home studio, we bring a new service in crafting customized music productions for a variety of projects. We will be offering commissioned work alongside original compositions and provide end-to-end services, from conceptualization to fully-instrumented final products. This includes composing and producing leader tunes for podcasts or music to accompany videos. Collaboration options encompass drum or percussion contributions. Delivery formats range from audio end products to individual tracks or MIDI files. Proficient in Cubase, our studio employs a hybrid recording approach for a distinctive drum sound.

Being Clint

Being Clint

Being Clint, a collaborative venture between zkohp and Rik Hansen (formerly of Coparck), is currently in the process of crafting their debut album set to release under the Zkohp Records label. Both musicians contribute their talents from their respective home studios. The band’s sonic landscape is an exploration of experimental pop-rock, drawing influences from indie, fusion, and electro-pop elements. With inspirations rooted in bands like King Crimson and Radiohead, Being Clint promises a unique blend of musical innovation and artistry.

jam sessions

zkohp jamsessionzkohp, a seasoned drummer, has collaborated with numerous musicians over the years in the realm of jam sessions. These sessions are predominantly characterized by free improvisation, fostering a dynamic and spontaneous musical environment. zkohp actively participates in various groups of musicians who regularly come together to explore the realms of musical expression.

Teaming up with Bart Schouten (Supernatural Selection) and Bert Klop on bass, zkohp frequently engages in rock sessions, creating powerful musical experiences. Collaborating with Roel and Stijn leads to soulful experiments and atmospheric soundscapes, showcasing a diverse range of musical influences.

In addition to these regular collaborations, zkohp participated in occasional sessions with other talented musicians such as Ron Roelofsen (Backpack), Wim Elzinga (Relax Head Man), Roeland van Laer (Sweet Bourbon), Saskia van der Giessen (Labasheeda) and Tomas Gons (Fes). These sessions often serve as a breeding ground for impromptu and experimental recordings, capturing both professional and quirky musical ideas that emerge during these dynamic gatherings.

past projects

I have played in many bands and participated in numerous projects over the years, taking on roles such as drummer, singing drummer, guitarist, or songwriter. Among the most significant were my band Flux’ and JJ Lowland before that. Additionally, I co-operated in running a 16-track analog recording studio with some friends. Read more and listen to my past projects and bands here.

Photo on top by Joni Spaan

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