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With a fusion of indie and alternative rock, Amsterdam-based artist zkohp (pronounced: scope) creates catchy tunes alongside avant-garde pop music, art rock, and lo-fi indie dance. With a background as a drummer, singer, songwriter, and guitar player for numerous bands since the late eighties, including Flux’ (a nineties band that also opened for Herman Brood), zkohp now embarks on a solo artist journey in his studio. The ‘Colors & Shapes’ album represents his initial collection of songs as a result of this musical evolution.


Images by: Joni Spaan, zkohp, Sjef Prins.


Album Colors & Shapes
Releasedate: august 25, 2023

Instruments, vocals, production: zkohp.
All songs by zkohp.

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The tale of the lonely dancer - single by zkohp

Single: The tale of the lonely dancer
Releasedate: august 11 2023
Radio Edit

Taken form the album: Colors & Shapes

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Single: River
Releasedate: september 15 2023

Radio-edit from the full album version. Full version on the album Colors & Shapes.

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Single: Curtains
Releasedate: december 15 2023

Radio-edit from the album version.
From the album Colors and Shapes.

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