Salon Smit Shows opening

By | september 3rd, 2019|art|

Come see see zkohp at the Salon Smit Shows. Opening: september 20 from 4 - 8 pm. Also [...]

Americana video

By | september 3rd, 2019|music|

Music from the jam room with roel and stijn. video by zkohp. share this item on social media [...]

at the jam room

By | juli 22nd, 2019|music|

i am a drummer. have been for many years now. i have been involved in many bands and [...]

welcome to my studio

By | juli 22nd, 2019|art|

since 2019 i have been working from my home studio in amsterdam west. this is where i do [...] website live

By | juli 22nd, 2019|info|

in a new way to present myself, my artwork and my music i hereby proudly present my new [...]

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