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zkohp, a visual artist and musician, was born in the vibrant creative landscape of the 1970s. Having honed his craft at the Academy of Fine Arts Arnhem, the academy best know for artists such as Jan Cremer and Herman Brood, zkohp now resides and works in the eclectic city of Amsterdam.

His artistic journey unfolds across multiple mediums, with a foundation in both painting and photography. In the realm of painting, zkohp explores the nuances of abstract expressionism, employing a diverse range of techniques such as acrylic on canvas, mixed media, charcoal, pencil, crayon, and the incorporation of unconventional elements like sand and chalk.

zkohp’s work has graced the walls of esteemed exhibitions, including appearances at the Salon Smit Shows and Vrijpaleis Amsterdam. The artist’s creations reflect a dynamic interplay between form and emotion, capturing the essence of his experiences and inspirations.

Beyond the realm of visual arts, zkohp is also a versatile musician, adding yet another layer to his multidimensional creativity. His art is a testament to a lifelong dedication to self-expression, a journey that continues to evolve with each stroke and note.

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Webdesign: zkohp. Photography: zkohp, Joni Spaan, Sjef Prins, Martijn van de Reep. Video: zkohp, Sjef Prins.

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